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Loving the Snow Effect!!!

  1. This is definitely off topic, so I am hoping this is the right forum.

    It does not say anywhere as to who designed the snow effect which comes up every year around Christmas. I am loving it, all my friends are loving it and it so awesome. So, who ever designed the Snow efffect, thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I agree that its a nice touch, however not on every blog. Do you happen to know how to remove this?

  3. I'm pretty sure you just have to uncheck a box in the settings menu.

  4. you can go to your User > Personal Settings page and hide the snow everywhere you go.

  5. @brentfielder

    Dashboard > Settings. Scroll all the way down and you will find the option 'Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th' . Not sure if this disables snow on every blog you visit, but it will disable the effect on your own blog.

  6. I like it on the blog a lot more than having to drive through it. It's very pretty when it isn't cold and mushy.

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