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<code> lines truncated in tarski theme

  1. Something seems to have changed with the Tarski theme used on hosted WordPress blogs recently.

    Code samples shown in <pre><code> tags are now being truncated (whereas before they just made the page wider where they went off the end of the column).

    These are all in posts which looked fine before yesterday...

    Any advice that people could offer would be gratefully received! :-)

  2. Example:

    posts like this one used to look fine. now the code samples are all chopped in half :-(

  3. Staff has requested that theme bugs be sent in via feedback so that they're sure to be brought to the attention of someone who can look at the issue. Best bet would be to include a link to a post where this is occuring along with your browser, browser verison, and OS.

    edit: Thanks for the example.

  4. Gotta admit that when I do code example, I just copy and paste it to a text file and upload that.

  5. In case anyone else has the same problem and comes across this topic, here is the response from 'Feedback' (thanks, Barry!).

    We changed it so that images and such so not flow into the sidebar and cause problems there. I would suggest formatting your code so that it fits within the theme's default width or change the width of the theme using Custom CSS.

  6. Our fix: paid up for 'Custom CSS' and added this to the stylesheet:

    #primary {

    Seems to do the trick.

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