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<img> tag in Text Widget

  1. hi

    I put a 'navigation' links area in the right column on my blog using the Text widget.

    I can't seem to use the img tag to include icons instead of (or next to) the text links.

    What's up with that!



  2. I can't seem to help unless we see an example of the img tag that you are using. Since other use them, including myself, you probably have something in there incorrectly. :)

  3. I have this line:

    Followed by <img src=""></img>

    I also tried <img src="" />

    when the widget parses it it leaves just: <img></img>



  4. it seems that I forgot html altogether ... how do you insert an image? lol


  5. nevermind ... I fixed it :)

    I was using backslash instead of forward slash



  6. Cool. :)

    Ain't HTML annoying somedays? :)

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