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    Hi there:

    I am a new Blogger and I anticipate my blogs to be, at times, lengthy.

    I read somewhere on your forum that there is a <next page> tag, that will allow me to break a long post into separate pages.

    I can’t find it. Could someone plase direct my tired eyes and brain in the correct direction?

    Thanks so much for your time



    Just for reference it’s <!--nextpage--> It’s actually for Pages, not Posts. Do note that it is theme dependant though. A lot of themes don’t include suppot for it. I know engtech has done a review of the different themes. Not sure if he included this in it though. If not, I’m sure Sulz and/ or Timethief can tell you which ones support it. :)

    For Posts, you can use the <!--more--> tag. You have a button for that on your Write Posts page. It depends on the editor that you’re using though. With the normal editor, it’s a button that says ‘more’. With the rich text editor, it’s icon #13 on this display. You use it as a break in your posts. What comes before is displayed on your home page followed by a “Read more…” link. When your visitor clicks on that link, they get the entire article.

    Hope this helps,


    Hi Mike:

    Yes, I discovered this just after I wrote to you.

    The <!–more–> tag will be just fine.

    Thanks so much!



    Not a problem. I just discovered the nextpage tag myself a few days ago. Been using wordpress for nearly three years myself and I’m still learning new stuff. :)

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