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<small> ??

  1. Can anyone tell me why wordpress will strip out <small> tags used on my posts??? I can understand not allowing <iframe> or <script>, but <small> is not going to cause any harm.

    Its just that flock automatically puts in "blogged with flock" at the bottom of my posts, and puts two <small> tags around it, so as to be descrete. However, they are being stripped out.

  2. I could have sworn that small was allowed.

    Guess not.

    Feedback sent. I'm curious as well. I know that did an update a month or so back on what was allowed and what was stripped.

  3. You can use style="font-size:small;" in whatever tag you're using. (It doesn't look like they support <span> though, which is odd.)

    There's also smaller, x-small, and xx-small.

  4. Thanks for the replys.

    Well, actually i can't use any code unless I want to start messing around with flocks xul/javascript code, which I don't have the desire or knowledge to do i'm afraid.

    To reiterate, when posting with flock, the browser automatically adds <small><small>Blogged with flock</small></small> to the end of each post. I think its kind of nice and descrete but still showing a thumbs up for Flock.

    I accept I could post with flock, then log into wordpress and change the font size, but that is simply too cumbersome, and one of the reasons I use flock is to avoid this!

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