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Lurid Tales of Doom; A first shameless plug for a new shameless blog

  1. Hi, I'm a prematurely-disillusioned journalist, really bad photographer, really quite good student and I'm hoping I'll be an acceptable Blogger soon too.

    Lurid Tales of Doom is a blog on journalism, media, politics and how those three interact with the mad, beautiful, terrible world around them - coverage of the coverage essentially.

    Please follow, read and of course, comment! I started this blog not to rant about *my* views (I have a really unsuccessful journalism career for that), but to discuss these issues with people and hear *their* views.

    Hearing from you is the aim of my game. There are topics I'm interested in concerning the media which have very little room for discussion within journalism, so I'm hoping that in the blogosphere(are people still saying that? never liked the term myself) I will find that space.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Daily Mirror is in dire trouble, it's by no means a good newspaper but this is why it needs saving;

    Investigative journalist Sokratis Giolias was gunned down outside his own home;

    91,000 military reports from the Afghanistan war have been leaked to the press, what revelations they contain and the governments reaction;

  3. Asking if the press, or the public, actually cares about plagiarism in journalism - and if so why is so little done about it?

  4. An outsider's perspective on the US Tea Party movement, questioning just who is in it, what they believe and if they're being co-opted by the Republican Party or not.

  5. Just a few brilliantly observed journalism-related comedy sketches I wanted to share.

  6. An update on what has happened in the aftermath of the Afghanistan war logs leak, how the US government is trying to take the fight to Wikileaks and what the press coverage has been like. Links to videos of interviews with the head of Wikileaks, the US soldier accused of leaking the war logs to Wikileaks, and the Defense Secretary.

  7. A new page, not an actual post and a bit of a journalism in-joke. A lot of people email round these parodies of the Stylebooks publications release for their contributors to write in line with, mocking the sometimes bizarre hoops copy-editors give you to jump through. This is a few of the entries I've had in the back of my notepad for ages. Any good suggestions for additions to it are welcome.

    There's probably some bad language and fairly dark humour in there, which is par for the course with these, if you're easily offended it's probably best to skip it. But if you like a bad pun or three then it should give you a giggle.

  8. The state of Israel has dropped it's previous propaganda strategy of 'Hasbara' and gone on a new PR offensive against Israel's critics.

  9. you have been busy!! I will definitely need to check this out in detail.

  10. Thanks lol, I think I might have actually gotten a bit carried away with posting so much recently - trying not to overdo it because it'll just mean I'm putting lots of sloppy posts up. :)

  11. ..and on that note!

    On the effect the invention of embedded journalists has had on coverage of war in the news, and why journalists who write unfavourable articles like the one that got General McChrystal fired may face not getting any future embed requests approved.

  12. A journalist in Turkey who has been sentenced to 166 years in prison and faces a massive 525 years in total has won a press freedom award. This is a look into the censorship that is strangling Turkey's media, democracy and chance of joining the EU. And just what this award means for how the majority media in Turkey feels about the minority media.

  13. Tabloid newspaper, The Sun, has been indulging in a little prejudice against the mentally ill, the Press Complaints Commission has been subdued with their promises that they'll try to play nice in future. But the problem goes deeper than that and we need to take steps to rectify the situation.

  14. The Daily Express are hilariously crusading against their own crusade. Tabloid journalism has now apparently deteriorated to the point where they are incapable of reading their own newspaper. One day telling us on the front page of their 'crusade' to change daylight saving time, and another day telling us how 'furious' we all should be about the same crusade.

    Gave me a giggle anyway.

  15. The entire Ground Zero Mosque story is total BS from start to finish and appears to have been largely driven by one bigoted blogger, just how has it managed to sustain itself so virulently with no real controversy in the first place.

  16. On Todd Purnum's article discussing the broken white house and it's broken press, and how the Obama presidency will want to frame this discussion in the coming weeks.

  17. What's wrong with the press 'Silly Season' and the day the BBC announced that there wasn't any news.

  18. 2000 hits, just reached my first completely arbitrary and valueless benchmark!

  19. How journalism can be used as a form of aid, particularly in light of the recent floods in Pakistan and how the BBC world trust is attempting to do just this.

  20. Did playing this game, as the tabloids suggest, lead to a 33-year old mother neglecting her children and leaving her dogs to starve - no, not really, and they've been accusing the wrong game anyway.

    What ever happened to fact-checking?

  21. The pope rolled down my street in his wacky car the other day, this is about all the fuss this seemed to cause.

  22. The fight between the Miliband brothers over the Labour party leadership has been resolved, but the coverage in the newspapers shows a concerning elitist anti-union bias and, quite frankly childish, snobbery.

  23. Lurid, stop on by sometime and check out the new works. Lots of new stuff happening over at the music blog!!

  24. Nice to see your stuff, similarly diconbobulated...Plus, happy to help push other blogs on my new site which will be online shortly, meanwhile pop by and say hello...

  25. I find out that I'm probably a 'deficit denier', and talking about the latest round of cuts - why I don't reckon they'll work and how similar attitudes in the past have led to disaster.

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