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    This shows the captioning when you re-blog. It appears as normal text. The original blog post has the credit as a caption, not as regular text.
    This does the same thing with the captioning (also a re-blog) and the alignment of the image seems off.
    This is also a re-blog from one of my other sites.
    The original post also has a featured image, but it does not appear on the re-blog.
    The overlay on the captioning of non-reblogged images covers most of the smaller images.
    Very few images have appropriate dimensions to allow for the featured image to display in the header area. It distorts the images.

    Unfortunately I forgot a screen shot of the widget area.
    I am keeping Minnow for a little bit to see if it grows on me :)
    It also has the captioning problem with the re-blog’s featured images and some reblogs have featured images showing up while the others don’t. They all showed up on Goran.
    I would still prefer a permanent sidebar (or at least the option for one) and a custom menu at the top.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks paddastoel – I’ve passed this along to Caroline and we’ll take a look!



    Howdy @paddastoel!

    1) I’ve tested in a few themes and the reblogged images with captions appear the same way regardless of which theme, so I don’t think this is specific to Lyretail. Your feedback on the display of reblogs is noted, however!

    Reblogs are not formatted like the original post, since they’re meant to be a teaser to click through to the original.

    2) Reblogs will also not show Featured Images; those will only display if you create a new post (or edit an existing post) with a Featured Image you’ve selected.

    3) Only Large or Full size images should display with the fancy overlaid captions, but I realize this may not work for Full size images that are quite small to begin with. I think this is definitely a bug we can fix!

    4) The featured images in Lyretail are cropped and act as a decorative background to the header area, which was the designer’s intent. Should you want to display the image in its full glory at the original aspect ratio, I’d suggest adding the same image to the post content.

    I hope this clarifies, and thanks again for your feedback!

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