Mac editing problems

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    You’re welcome and happy blogging!



    What visual editing support for Mac? I only see code.



    Safari sees only code.
    Safari beta is not supported yet.

    We recommend Firefox on the mac, though Camino also works.



    FYI —

    Leopard was officially released on the 26th — so Safari on the Mac is no longer in beta. The released version of Safari is 3.0.4 and it is much improved over the previous version.

    Safari is faster than Firefox now so a lot of Mac users will be moving back to Safari as their default browser — at least until Firefox 3.0 comes out — to gain the incredible speed and interface benefits.



    I was going by that.

    Either way, just as Opera users have problems with the editor we have, Safari users will have to wait until we get those fixes.



    Hi Mark —

    That URL is sort of misleading and confusing on Apple’s part because it applies to the Tiger version of Safari and the Windows version of Safari which are both in perpetual beta much like Gmail… I’m sure they’ll clear up the confusion soon…

    I mentioned Leopard in my comment — and this URL makes the narrow distinction between the various versions a little more clearer:

    So Safari on Tiger and Windows is in beta, but if you’re using Leopard, you have the released version.

    I wonder if it’s just better to say “We don’t support Safari” instead of drawing the line at being in beta or not?

    I just finished writing my Mac OSX Leopard book — so I understand the difficulty in making these issues clear and drawing fine lines between features and problems and workarounds…



    Right now if you want to have the full features we have then using Safari is not the way to go.
    The reasons for that are beyond the scope of the forum.

    As I said though, other browsers have issues and we await any fixes. If Safari has some “unique features” that sit uncomfortably with what we use then the potential wait is longer. I’m sure the people at moxiecode – who create the editor – have a long list of things that people want.
    This is not some switch that we can magically flip and we aren’t doing – most of the devs here use macs and have Leopard (I’m waiting to see if a mini will handle it – which I doubt) – so it’s not anti-apple :)



    Here are the tech specs for Leopard:

    Here’s an Apple discussion on running Leopard on an original mini:

    You should be able to do it.

    Running Windows via Boot Camp is an incredible experience.

    I understand the technical problems you mention — I’m just trying to put myself in the mind of someone here seeking help and being overwhelmed with the differences between browsers and betas and wondering why their favorite won’t do what they wish. I can imagine that as a tech support nightmare and why it is preferred to point people to use a particular browser that is proven to work.



    If I say we don’t support Safari, I get the indignant supports.
    If I say we do and we wait for a fix, I get the same supports.

    Given that Apple actually use WordPress it’s not like they don’t know.

    There are other ways people….. :)



    That’s a rotten position to be in, Mark, and I agree Apple could go a long way to helping pick the orchard.



    Personally, I use firefox on a mac and have never had a problem. You also get all the groovy add-ins for Firefox that way too (web developer in particular.)

    I am sorry that Safari seems to have some quirks. You have my sympathy Mark!
    I know how difficult it is to navigate all the browsers, and their own interpretation of “standards.”


    /nod to membracid
    In my experience the problems with Safari 3 (beta is all I have at the moment) is in the TinyMCE editor. Everything else seems to work pretty well. TinyMCE, on their website still lists Safari support as “experimental” or “partial” which to me means, “we have tried Safari with our editor, but really haven’t paid any real attention to trying to make it work.” It could very well be that they were waiting for the full release of Safari 3 before going further.

    I really like Safari, but I’ve realized that Firefox has some very distinct advantages over Safari such as an incredible array of “addons” which can be very useful to bloggers.

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