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Mac editing problems

  1. Personally, I use firefox on a mac and have never had a problem. You also get all the groovy add-ins for Firefox that way too (web developer in particular.)

    I am sorry that Safari seems to have some quirks. You have my sympathy Mark!
    I know how difficult it is to navigate all the browsers, and their own interpretation of "standards."

  2. /nod to membracid
    In my experience the problems with Safari 3 (beta is all I have at the moment) is in the TinyMCE editor. Everything else seems to work pretty well. TinyMCE, on their website still lists Safari support as "experimental" or "partial" which to me means, "we have tried Safari with our editor, but really haven't paid any real attention to trying to make it work." It could very well be that they were waiting for the full release of Safari 3 before going further.

    I really like Safari, but I've realized that Firefox has some very distinct advantages over Safari such as an incredible array of "addons" which can be very useful to bloggers.

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