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    In the other forum, I noted that I too am having problems accessing BROWSE ALL/archived images which may or may not be a Mac problem.

    Here is my problem – not all the menus for WRITE show up. See:
    for the two screenshots of what menus look like in Firefox (presumably correct) and not (in Safari, only the first tier shows up and no icons).

    At first, I thought it was a JAVA issue – I finally checked to make sure I was running the latest and it was deinitely activated in the Java control panel.

    The problem is that I cannot find one browser that has no trouble uploading images – about 50% of JPEG’s show up as “?” or blank – sometimes if I copy and repaste it as another JPEG in Photoshop, it’s okay but it’s not a guarantee so pretty annoying:

    Here’s my rundown:

    FIrefox 2.0 – Menus okay – major problems with recognizing JPEG’s.
    Safari 2.04 – half menus (buttons, no icons and missing most of editing menu – see TIFF link above) and middling on JPEG upload – maybe 75% of time works okay.
    Camino – Same issues as Firefox.
    SeaMonkey – can get to fine – enter name & login – screen simply redraws.
    Shiira (based on Safari, I think) – get menus page views & issues pretty much like Safari.
    Sunrise 1.0 – might be best yet, I get all the WRITE menus and upload images seems to work a hair better but not by much.

    So, what is it with image uploads? I tried toggling on Embed color profiles in PS but that doesn’t seem to make a difference?



    Do us a favor please. State in one sentance what your issue is please. I just read all that and I can’t understand what you’re asking.

    As to the image uploads, please see teh sticky on the subject.



    Never mind. I just figured out the issue was with Safari. Safari doesn’t fully support javascript. It’s a much covered topic here in the forums and the faq blog. We suggest using a different browser like Firefox or Camino.



    As note – yes, the entire set of WordPress features offered “show up” in Firefox or Camino but there seems to be an upload problem with images – maybe just on a Mac.

    In the preview, it’s either a just a “?” mark or it only loads the file name (for instance-drawing1.jpg) … and yes, I’m selecting all the right buttons but instead of a link to the image, all I get it the text name.

    That’s why I have to use Safari because Firefox/Camino does not seem to upload any images. Thanks.



    Please send this information to staff in a feedback.



    There has been talk that Safari needs to mke changes to accomodate WordPress. Since when does a technology change to suite a developer? As an interactive creative director I’m very amiliar with issues surrounding incompatibility of browsers and platforms and have to design to suite all or risk putting up road blocks to users. WordPress and other blog/web 2.0 sites are going to have to insure compatibility for all browsers as much as possible. It’s odd to me that something as simple as an image upload button doesn’t work in Safari. It works fine in Safari on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Blogspot, etc. Safari may have had the a very low saturation but with the iPhone that is going to change. Many of the people around me in line were PC users, actually, most were. That means they’re all going to be browsing using Safari. Many will want to interact with their blogs. Many will start up a new bog elsewhere if the free one they’re using doesn’t work well with the $500 iPhone they just bought.
    Currently you can’t interact with the Upload feature. Which is annoying since the first thing I did when I activated my iPhone was take a picture, the second thing was to write a new blog and try to upload that picture.



    I’m on an Imac G5, always using the latest version of Mozilla’s SeaMonkey. Absolutely no problems with any of the WP editing or posting features, nor with any of many different kinds of multimedia software and/or links that I use in creating and publishing articles. Regarding the iPhone, I agree that those who are restricted to Safari for now (which I never liked from its very inception) are going to run into problems with it. Luckily, I don’t, and both of my iPhones are integrated with everything I need and breezing along like being in technology heaven. Bliss!



    Feedbacks asking for iPhone support, Safari Beta 3 support will be met with “We will consider it”

    Safari 3 is not about to change the world, just like the iPhone isn’t either :)



    To each their own, please.



    disembedded – agreed.

    Each time there is a new browser version it’s users ask for changes.
    It happened with IE7 and nothing was done until it was final.
    It already happens with Safari 3 and the same approach will be used.

    You can always buy a Wii – you can blog from that :)



    Since when does a technology change to suite a developer

    It’s not a matter of bending over for a developer. Safari doesn’t fully support javascripts. That’s the issue and it’s commonly known on the net, not just wordpress and Granted though with the new webkit that was released with OS 10.5, it’s gotten better.

    And Safari has a number of issues with the backend of MySpace.



    On a side note, I just wish these forums woukld work with IE6. I’m tired of “expressing my annoyance” about the missing admin links in the first post in a thread and the inability to mark a thread as resolved.



    …And teh broken login we have here in the forums as well. :(



    The safari issues are a pain – I lose formatting constantly. But I can use a different browser like firefix, so its only a minor annoyance. The bigger problem I have is with how updating works on mobile/iphone. The whole thing is clunky and sketchy at best. Sometimes my keyboard won’t pop up on the text entry, and even more annoying is the keyboard responsiveness slowdown as my posts grow in size.

    I realize this is an apple problem, with mobile Safari, but since they are less likely to be worrid about the end-user experience of a wordpress user than WordPress themselves, this is a better place to lodge a gripe. We need a streamlined interface for mobile devices.

    If I hosted my blog on my own server, there are a couple of plugins that will give me a mobile GUI. Since I done, however, it’d be nice to have wordpress address this. Being able to blog from my iPhone is a huge benefit that would let me update as often as I’d like.



    The following is said with respect. Let’s look at the facts:
    (1) Volunteers answering forum questions can do anything about these issues.
    (2) Fellow bloggers choosing to share their mutual mac unhappiness on the forum can do nothing about these issues.(See the forum search box)
    (3) Only management and staff can make any changes happen.

    Conclusion: Griping here at the bottom among the end users may be a senseless waste of your precious time that is unlikely to evoke of any kind of change any time soon.

    Advice: IMO if you want action then you need to communicate directly with TPTB during support hours weekdays 9-5 PM at this link

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