Mac vs. Windows

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    I made our bog on Firefox for Mac and it looks great. Of course it has troubles in Safari and Mac explorer- but that I expected. What I did not expect is that the formating and text would be all messed up in Firefox for windows and explorer for windows.

    On Windows the format of the Calander is out of whack, and the font looks very strange. Other blogs seem to look ok… what am I doing wrong?



    Is it true that Mac’s don’t get viruses ever?


    No. But hardly ever. I have been using a Mac since 1985 and I have never had any virus on any Mac I owned.



    The calendar appears to be a problem with the CSS for the theme. There’s nothing you/we can do about it except petition the team (via feedback!) to fix it.

    I just looked at it in Opera and yes, it’s funny.

    *wishes he had a Mac* :(



    Thanks Collin, we switched over to another theme. Hope that one looks better in Windose. Wish there were a few more themes to pick from.

    Get a Mac and you will never look back.

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