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    Dear Sirs,

    Since March 2012 I have the blog which successfully has grown into a group of Students on Graduate Programs throughout Europe, this includes not only European Students but students from all over the world, Asian, African and Latin American.

    Following the statitstics of the visitors, today I saw that in the list of the countries from where we have visitors, YOU STARTED TO USE THE NAME FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA, FOR THE COUNTRY FOR WHICH UNTIL YESTERDAY YOU HAVE USED ONLY MACEDONIA.

    I’m not aware of the reasons, why is that, why now you have changed it. As my project for creating a blog that will be AGORA for the graduate students have increasing interest, I wanted to upgrated it, but personally I feel insulted by your side because there is no country which name is FYROM, but there is country MACEDONIA.

    I hope that you will return the country’s name as it was before.

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi graduateeconomist,

    Some time ago, we updated the display name of ‘Macedonia’ to ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ in the stats page to bring it in line with the nomenclature of various International Organisations:

    These standards organizations remain the best guidance for our representation of the world. Hope that helps.



    Dear Sir,

    Please, I want to draw your attention to the name used in these organizations. In almost all of them the name is

    Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

    which is completely different from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

    For example in the ISO classification, you sent to me, few moments ago, please see on page 49.

    This is very important because, Macedonia is classified under letter M, not F.

    I understant that you were under a huge political pression, but please if you cannot resist to the politics, see more carefully in the reference you sent to me. In addition, 133 countries in the world have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name, including Russia, China, Canada, India, and USA.

    Your act is a step which is opposite to the reality.



    Thanks for your response.

    I agree that ‘Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of’ would be better for display purposes.

    The listing as ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ is solely to comply with a format that Google Maps understands and should not be construed as a political statement of any sort. A couple of weeks ago, I requested that Google Maps resolve both names.



    Thank you for you reponse.

    Does it mean that I can expect, at least the name as Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of, in the blog stats?





    I’ve made the change to ‘Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of.’

    It may take a short while to show up on your end.

    Have a nice day.


    Thank you very much

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