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    I’ve noticed a big upswing lately in blogs that pick up posts from my WordPress blogs, apparently without human intervention. I know nothing of their nature, their purpose or their malignancy, and I was wondering if anyone here could fill me in.

    Most of these look to me to be recently-established software-driven blogs, as often as not with “.cn” in the URL, that pick up anything that matches a keyword search and mounts an excerpt (typically the first few sentences) on their front page (often with literally hundreds of others a day). To me, the lists of articles that appear have next to nothing to do with each other or with the professed subject of the blogs.

    As the excerpts are typically credited, with a hyperlink back to the source i.e. my blogs (most of the time even accurately), and I can find no obvious TOS violations, my state of mind regarding these things is best described as “curiosity” – though I usually consign pingbacks from these sites to spam to be on the safe side.

    I would welcome any thoughts y’all might have about this class of blog. Apologies if I’m not being clear, but I’d rather not post the URL of an example here, I think you’ll understand why.



    The motivator is LOVE of money $$$$$$ the root of all evil.

    There are many forum threads on this. Type “DMCA” into the forum searchbox and you will find them. The bottom line is that if they are following publication etiquette by using only an excerpt with a link back there is nothing you can do.

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