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  1. Hi wordpress team,
    we already launched a site called .
    Now we have seen that somebody with a non working blog is using the domain mä as a wordpress site. Could you please contact this person because we need this site. Otherwise we have to send him a reminder. We have all the german copyrights on our brand and site.

    Christian Goldemann
    Blog url:

  2. Copyright violations: If one of our blogs features content or trademarks that are owned by you (and you did not authorize your content to be published by the blog in question), please use our DMCA reporting process.

  3. @goldesign: the web site that you have reported (mä is not hosted at As such, we are unable to provide any direct assistance in this manner.

    The fact that the site says 'Powered by WordPress' simply means it is using the software, which may be downloaded and installed on any web host. Please refer to for the further differences between and

    I am sorry I could not help you more with this matter.

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