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Made a category disappear

  1. I made a category disappear. I had a category 'blog updates' and one day I was fiddling with my categories and I made the parent of this category 'blog updates' (itself). Now I can't see the cat. anymore. Before I fiddled I made a post under this category and it's still there with the tag 'blog updates' at the bottom of it...but where's my cat.? I tried just making a new category called 'blog updates' but it doesn't show up in my cat. list in the WordPress dashboard. I do understand that they don't show up on your blog untill you've actually used the category but it should at least show up in the dashboard right?

  2. Update: When I do try to add "Blog Updates" as a category I get the following message: "Something strange happened. Try refreshing the page."

    Anybody that knows how to fix this? I'm really annoyed with myself for fiddling with it until it broke...and I'd love to have my category back :(

  3. Would help us help you if you told us where you're looking and not seeing the category.

  4. Under the Manage > Categories tab.

  5. Hmmm ... if you can see the category "Blog Updates" under categories in the management section then this is totally weird. Another thing I see is that you have a post with a similar name as the category "Blog Update" - maybe the page slug and the category have something to do with your problem or maybe not. I would double check them. Make sure the page slug says blog-update. Make sure the post has the category "Blog Updates" assigned to it.
    In order for a category "Blog Updates" to appear in the sidebar at least one post must have this category assigned to it. So I'd double check the post in question making sure it's assigned to the category "Blog Updates" and if it is, then I'd send in a feedback with a link to this thread.
    P.S. If you're are going to have more posts called "Blog Update" in the future then you will have to add a distinguishing factor to the title like a number (1,2,3) or a date. Otherwise retrieval will be frustrating because they will all have the same title so the question will be which one? And I'm sure you don't want to open every one to find "the" one.

  6. @timethief: But that's the thing, I *can't* see the category in the category management section. I can't make a new "Blog Updates" category either, I get that "Something strange happened. Try refreshing the page." error message when I do that.

    I went back to the post, added a category there in the post edit screen (which worked - albeit temporarily) and saved it. It changed nothing and when I went back into it the category had disappeared again.

    Thanks for the title numbering tip, should've thought of that myself!

    I think I will send feedback now, I thought it might've been me being stupid but I'm starting to think there's something actually wrong now.

  7. Something needs a back-end fix. I'm sorry you have this frustrating situation to cope with - hang in there.

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