Made a poll using PollDaddy, not showing up?

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    I made an account with PollDaddy and created a poll for my blog. It exists on my PollDaddy account and shows up on my dashboard under Polls. I just don’t know how to make it appear on my blog itself. I pressed “Publish” and nothing happened.

    I’m probably missing something totally obvious, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    I also don’t see anywhere on the dashboard to say where you want the poll to show up – I feel as if I should have been asked where I wanted it (at the top of the page, bottom etc) like you are asked with Widgets. I don’t want the poll under everything else, where most people will never bother looking.

    Can someone with more blogging/poll experience help me out here? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi thanks, but the instructions say to choose it through Widgets, and maybe it used to be there, but it isn’t now.

    Those instructions are a year old now, and maybe out of date?

    And at PollDaddy it says to put the poll in a new blog entry, but obviously that’s hopeless because it will soon disppear off the front page – I want it in the sidebar.


    The instructions don’t even say you need a PollDaddy account, but now it does.


    Apparently you didn’t bother to read the reply I linked to.

    You go to Polls on your dashboard sidebar, hover under the poll title, click “Share-Embed”, copy the WordPress Shortcode, then go to Appearance > Widgets, add a text widget, paste the shortcode in it, save.


    I’m afraid Polls is not listed under Appearance >Widgets on my Dashboard as I previously stated.

    It is is a completely different section which tells you to sign up with PollDaddy.


    I didn’t say Polls is under Appearance >Widgets. Read more carefully please.



    Thanks panaghiotisadam!!!! This helped so much!! :)



    Looks like panaghiotisadam is helpful. I am using Digg 3 theme. I created a poll in PollDaddy with custom style and images and it looks great in PollDaddy; however, I added it as a “text widget” to my right sidebar, but all that shows up is the question. How do I get it to look just like it does in PollDaddy? Appreciate your help. site is



    I believe that in order to display a poll that fits into your sidebar which is only 160 px wide on Digg3 you need to choose a “narrow” style.



    Thanks. Yes, actually it’s a custom style which is only 150px wide. The problem is that only the question shows up on my blog. The format is perfect on PollDaddy.



    I see exactly what you mean and don’t know how to help you. :( Hopefully another Volunteer will have help to offer.


    @checmark: Instead of copypasting the shortcode, you copypasted the javascript code (which isn’t allowed in blogs, so it gets stripped out and only a link to the poll remains). This is what you must put in your text widget:
    [polldaddy poll=5079032]



    You are a prince/priincess! Worked perfectly! One more question – is there a way for it not to delete all the other sidebar content that is shown with the theme? I’d like the poll to be as shown, but the rest of the content shown below.

    Thanks so much!



    You’re welcome! as for your new question, yes – see here:



    Thanks again. Things are so simple when you actually know what you’re doing. lol Worked perfectly.





    Not related to polls but I am having a small issue with my Digg 3 theme not allowing text wrap around on images. I added the “align left” selection on the image but I’m assuming the theme is over-riding it. Is there any way to get around this because there is nowhere to edit the CSS of the theme without paying. Thanks.



    See here for how to align images >



    Yes, I did exactly that and it shows fine when I am editing it, with the text wrapped properly, but when I save the post the text doesn’t wrap. Another site said my CSS for the theme probably has the image placement locked and won’t allow individual settings. I assume that is the problem.


    No that’s not the problem: no theme has “the image placement locked” for regular images in the main body area. Which post are you talking about?

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