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Magic Font Change

  1. My font of choice for posting is Times New Roman (12) but this morning the Visual Editor switched this to a font I don't recognize. How can I make it "go back" to the font used on the blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide an active link starting with http:// to the post or page in question.

  3. The font in my visual editor has changed too. I can't provide a link because the actual post has the usual font I chose, but when writing it I have this other font (Arial) I don't like, it used to be the same as the finished version.

  4. Hello there,
    As both of you are using the Pilcrow theme I'm going to flag this thread for Staff attention. We Volunteers can't view "previews" of draft posts or pages but Staff can.

  5. I am using the Pilcrow theme
    And I'm having the same problem as moloch981, the post is in Times Roman 12 but the editor is in what I guess is Arial. What's happened?

  6. The font in the editor changed months ago now to Consolas
    The font stack use in the HTML editor is Consolas, Monaco, Monospace.
    I'm not aware of it being changed again.

  7. Something happened recently because it is only today that I've found my Visual Editor using a font other than the Times Roman I had been using. Is there some way to set the font for the visual editing?

  8. I've fixed this issue in Pilcrow, please let me know how it works for you!

  9. @michaelfields
    Excuse me but will you please take a look at this thread as well?

  10. Thanks Michael, everything is fixed now.

  11. misprintedpages

    Yes, @michaelfields, can you please check the Matala theme, as well? The same thing is happening there.

  12. Thanks for the link timethief!

    I've been digging into the source of this issue and will report back when we have figured out the best way to fix this for everyone. Thanks for your patience!

  13. Thanks for looking into this Michael.

  14. The default visual editor font has been restored in all themes.
    Please let us know if this is working for you.

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