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    I was a sneaky classic and I changed the HTML of my Education page to be:

    so that it shows all the posts I have tagged as education. Wonderful.

    The tab works, however in the menu on the right, there is a magic link which I reverts to old habits and
    takes you back to

    I don’t want my visitors to go there, but I’d like to keep my menu. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    where is the post edit button?


    1. The title box of that page should have this:
    <a href="">Education </a>
    I don’t think you’ve pasted exactly that.

    2. Tags and categories function in exactly the same way: you shouldn’t be using the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag.



    Response from the master himself. Thank you

    is what it had.
    I was also misbehaving cause I was only using a single word title.

    Thanks for the tip, I will fix up the category/tag thing. Thank you



    lmao, where is the edit button. I used < code > tags, what should I have used?


    Backticks. Then the above would be (crosses fingers):
    <a href="//">Education</a>


    See? You were missing a few things!



    yeah, I don’t know how!
    I thought I was following your instructions from the tutorial
    on it. How I mucked that up I’ll never know.

    Thanks pana!
    I thought your name was saying something backwards.
    Mad, as I to…something


    Can’t tell how you mucked up. When you need to put an URL somewhere, you must copy the exact whole thing from the address bar of your browser.

    “Mad as …” Ha! Never noticed that! It’s not a nick: it’s my real (Greek) name and surname.



    An old made of mine was a Panakos and I never found out if it was his first or last name lol



    Ahh!! Panaghiotisadam.

    I am using Internet Explorer @ the moment and I noticed
    that my two pages Education & Arm Chair are both missing

    Since that is my site. Could you please help me out?


    I can see both tabs in your header. You used to have them in the sidebar as well, didn’t you? If that’s what you’re missing, you need to go to Appearance>Widgets and activate the Pages widget again.



    No I got rid of the sidebar version for now.

    I use Chrome which is NOW always perfect, I just got concerned while I was on a friends computer using IE and things weren’t looking right.
    I think it is all fine though. Thank you Mad As appreciate the help


    You’re welcome. “I was using IE and things weren’t looking right” is part of the definition of IE.

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