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Ma.gnolia feed show links to CC rdf

  1. Hi.

    I have added to my blog ( a RSS widget attached to my ma.gnolia atom feed (

    You can see results on the right bar of my blog, all links bring you to

    Any idea?

  2. Again. I am now using the ma.gnolia rss feed and it works. Again, FriendFeed have only atom feed ( and it does not work well (see on the left bar, a list of "array" linked to right url)

    Does the RSS widget has some issue about atom? It is able to show the atom that wordpress create, but not all the ones I get from the net. Still, these ones work great in various aggregators.

  3. if your feeds aren't working, it's always a good idea to run them through the feed validator:

    the ma.gnolia feed does validate (atom1.0), but you might want to try the RSS version of the feed.

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