Mail Chimp signup form embed code doesn’t work.

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    I’m using Mail Chimp for mailing lists and I want to add a subscribe form to a couple of my pages. The code mail chimp gives you for embedding your subscribe form onto your site doesn’t work on They have plugins and all that fancy stuff for, but obviously I do not have that option. Right now the only thing I can do is paste link to my subscribe form, but it’s not very effective. For some reason, people just aren’t enticed to click that link as they are to input their email address. Has anyone figured out how to get mailchimp to work on

    The blog I need help with is



    Forms are stripped out at for security reasons. I don’t know what code they could provide that could possibly work here. Let’s take a look at it, though: paste it here between backticks, which will make it display so we can analyze it. There may be a workaround, who knows?



    Dan, I have a hack for you that will work if you believe people will click into the form to enter their email address. It involves a little trickery, but a quick scan of the WP.Com TOS doesn’t seem to disallow it.

    Basically what you are going to do is create an image that *looks* like a signup form and link it to the hosted MailChimp signup form. An example of what I did can be seen here:

    Step by step, I did that by:

    1. design your signup form on the MailChimp embed code tool. Since it’s not really going to be all that usable, it’s probably not worth including more than maybe a heading and the email address.
    2. While you’re there, go to “edit forms” and get the link to your subscribe form.
    3. Once you have it looking good take a Snapshot of it (and possibly crop it out in an image editor as necessary). Note that you’ll probably want to set a very small width.
    4. Upload that image to your WP.Com Media Gallery and copy that link
    5. Add a Text/HTML widget to your sidebar and simply create a link that has only that image as the content. Something like:
    6. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>

      Now when folks click in there, it’ll pop open your subscribe form. It’s not the perfect solution, but it should work!



    Clever, that should work.



    Awesome work, Jessedp, works like a charm!

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