Mail Provider, MX and A Record conflict

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    Hello. I mapped a domain to a page I built for a client on that was originally being hosted by another company. They also provide email service for the domain. The mail exchanger at the provider is the same as the domain. Therefore, after mapping, the mail no longer worked. Since the MX must be “” and A record is “” It will never find the mail. Because my client needs their email, the provider had me change the MX to “” and change the A record back to the previous IP which services both the previous “empty” website and mail so the mail will work. Currently, the “” site is broken because the A record is pointing back to the previous IP. Is there any way to make it work when the MX has to be the same name as the Domain? Can it be done on the WP side? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Since the MX must be “” and A record is “”

    That is impossible. The root A record controls which site the domain loads. You cannot set an IP address for the email provider at the root.

    If the MX record is for, the A record must also be set for There is no other way that can work.

    Please provide the actual domain in question, along with the actual MX and A record you need to add, and I can try to help. But it’s very difficult to help if you only provide placeholder information, as that prevents me from checking the domain itself.

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