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    ‘ello! :)

    This has been driving me nuts! What I want do is go in and remove the share tags from WordPresses RSS feed – but not from the posts that are made to the blog itself. looks just fine.

    I’ve added pictures to my short messages recently :) Mailchimp has been fine with the RSS without images. I’ve just used their tag *|RSSITEM:CONTENT|*

    Now I want to use *|RSSITEM:CONTENT_FULL|*… Welp, this is what happens:

    I circled in red in the image what I Don’t Want in there. Any recommendations as to how to remove the share buttons being automagically published in the RSS feed? I don’t remember turning them on…

    Thanks! :D
    – Akira Dawn

    The blog I need help with is



    Easy. Go to Settings->Sharing and change it there. There’s a setting to control if the sharing buttons go out on the RSS feed or not.



    Hrm… Yeah, this is where I would have thought it would be…

    I went in and turned off all sharing buttons, any and all connections of any possible kind… posts now look like this:

    But sharing links showing up in the feed. o.O

    One thing that may be a problem is that I’m using, not upgraded and not on my own server – just the most basic of basic.

    Thanks, but it was a no-go…any other ideas?



    Have you made a post since you changed the settings? It’s not retroactive.


    It used to be that we had more control over what showed up in feeds at settings > reading > enhanced feeds, but that all seems to have been taken away.

    The thing is, the feed may not refresh until you post again. You might do that and see if the sharing stuff leaves the feed.



    Yaaay yay! :D You were totally right, raincoaster – that was it ;)

    I had ‘scheduled’ but hadn’t published so didn’t expect it, but yep, totally true – published OR scheduled, change in share button settings isn’t retroactive in regard to the RSS feed (even tho it IS on the post page itself)

    And thanks for posting too, thesacredpath! I didn’t quite understand what raincoaster had said until you said it again in a diff way :)

    I much appreciate everyone’s help! Here’s how it’ll look next week when the new feed goes life – in color! *beam*

    Extreme gratitude :D
    – Dawn

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