Main Menu updating incorrectly / Mind of its own/Hacked?/WP problem?

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    Hi WP & Happy New Year!

    Went to update my Main Menu (Menu Headers at top of page) with my newest post dated 1 January 2013. Placed it under level 2 (sub-headings) of main menu: ‘Odds & Ends.’ Hit update. WP said “saved menu. Checked blog:
    Four of the level 2 (sub-headings) had disappeared. (Odds & Ends; Music; Material Basics; Copyright Notices. Additionally, one post that was originally just a post listing (‘No Shock @ Penn State’) under Righteous Rags had become a level 2 (subheading.)
    Checked back on Dashboard Menu Page: The four level 2 (subheadings were gone) and the post No Shock was now coded as “Custom” thereby giving it level 2 status – though I never coded it that way and cannot see how to fix it.
    Another post “Citizen Cain’s Official Response to that Woman, redux” had also disappeared from the “Righteous Rags” subheading, and when I tried to place it there it wouldn’t take even though it said saved. Didn’t show upanywhere under any sub-heading.
    OK, Just went back to check my front page – I now see that Citizen Cain” is listed several times as a sub-heading (level 2) of my main menu. And I hadn’t touched a thing since beginning this e-mail to you.
    Tried to give you enough detail to answer, but the changes are happening too quickly and w/out me doing anything –
    In other words, something is grossly wrong. Am I being hacked or is WP experiencing problems here generally?

    The blog I need help with is


    I am re-directing this question to the following thread since others have the same/similar issue.

    My theme is Chateau.

    Go to :

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