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    I noticed today that the final link on my main navigation menu when using the Book Lite theme is out of whack. This occurs irrespective of how many links there are or what CSS customisations I have. You will also notice the same error with the default settings as demonstrated by the live demo of the theme. I presume there has been an update to the theme that has caused a problem?

    The blog I need help with is


    CSS customisations I have

    This thread will be moved to the CSS Forum.


    Well I hope that’s an appropriate move – as stated in my post, this error occurs regardless of CSS customisations, as it still occurs on the live demo and will therefore occur on any instance of this theme, including those for people who do not have CSS customisations. That is why I placed this in the theme forum.


    I hope I did the right thing too. Note this thread has been tagged for Themes Staff attention.


    Can you explain “out of whack?” I’m not seeing anything out of whack on the right end of the menu (Twitter). I’ve looked in Safari 6.0.2 and Firefox 19.0.2. What browser are you seeing the “out of whack” in?


    On an unrelated note, I did notice you have hidden the footer credits for the theme. We are not allowed to do that at, so please un-hide them.


    Here’s a screenshot:

    I’ve fixed the footer.


    Oh, and the latest Chrome.


    It was pretty dumb of me not to check another browser; IE works fine too. Another Google product gone awry in some finicky detail then. Well, not WordPress’ responsibility. Thanks for pointing it out.


    You are welcome, and I install and then uninstall Chrome on a regular basis when it… err… irritates me, which is every few days it seems. Sadly I need it for web design to check sites. Most likely the Chrome issue will go away in a revision or two and something else will pop up to replace that irritation. :)


    Perhaps Google has gone to war with Twitter? ;-P



    Howdy callumjameshackett,

    Thanks for the heads up. I just uploaded a fix for the issue, the menu should look fine now.

    Thanks again,

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