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  1. how can I save a page that will be the main page that always shows up first whenever anybody accesses the site?

  2. You cannot do that here. It needs a plugin which is not available for use at

  3. Thanks...
    How can I view and/or save past comments

  4. Sorry podz, but I think you can.

    Go to 'Options', select the tab 'Reading'. Under 'Front Page', select 'A Static Page' (the default is 'The latest post'). Then select the page you want to put as Front page.

    I have never done it myself, but noticed the option is available on our dashboard.

  5. greenpasture - I'd not seen that! My apologies to awakenedwarrior

  6. No worries....
    My thanks to Greenpasture and Podz

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