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Main page getting long

  1. Hi, I'm still new about WordPress. I've written several posts, all went to the same page and it's getting very long. Is there any way to sort them, let's say five posts in one page for easier navigation?


  2. Go:
    Options > Reading

    Then under Blog Pages change the number of posts in the "Show at Most" field, update your settings and voila!

    Hope this helps

  3. Thanks a lot for the tips, devblog! That really helps ^^

  4. I've had this problem also, but only with the posts under my specific categories. I have the number of posts limited to five. But when I have one category with 6 posts and when I click on it, I see all six. I'd like to limit category posts to five also.


  5. I don't think you can limit tag pages at all. They just come up automatically.

  6. Actually I thought the categories were set to the selection that you make as well.

    Best bet would be to wait until Monday and send in a feedback and point this out to staff. It's not an emergency so I would hold off for the weekend. It is important though.

    hope this helps,

  7. Thanks,

    I'll do that.


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