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Why is my main page not appearing correctly in Internet Explorer?

  1. When going to, the three columns do not appear correctly. But if I click on an individual post, then the proper formatting appears. This only happens in Explorer. Firefox and Safari do not have an issue.

    If it's helpful, I have two screenshots I can share with you.
    Blog url:

  2. Screenshots would most certainly help, thanks; on my end your blog appears to display correctly.

  3. How can I upload the screenshots to you?

  4. You can upload them to your Media library and I'll take a look at them there, thanks.

  5. Two pictures are uploaded: one of the incorrect view (on the main page), and one of the correct view (after I click on an individual post).

  6. Ok (you can delete that post now, if you want), this appears to be either a connection issue, i.e. the CSS styles aren't being applied or, more likely a browser issue. Could you to clear cache & cookies and reloading the page?

  7. I cleared everything. When I reload the page, it starts to load correctly (I see all three columns just for a brief moment) and then it reverts to the one column view again. Any other thoughts?

  8. Can you tell us what browser (and version of) you're using?

  9. I'm using the latest Explorer (I believe it's 10). The problem only occurs on the main page. It doesn't occur on the individual post, or when using Firefox or Safari.

  10. I do see the problem now, in IE 9 (10 isn't release yet), so I'll pass this on and see what we we can do about that.

  11. Any updates to pass along on this? I appreciate your expertise (way beyond my knowledge base!).

  12. Unfortunately, this is not actually a general issue with your theme.

    There's something on your blog messing with IE, probably in your posts.

    To find it, I recommend setting your blog to display one post at a time via Settings -> Reading in your Dashboard, then page through your posts individually until you find the problem.

    If you can't find a single post causing the issue, start removing widgets individually until you find the cause.

  13. @craigtowens

    This is a weird one! We've spent a bit of time troubleshooting it, but didn't come up with anything to report.

    For now I've fixed it by changing the setting on your Settings > Reading page to "10" for "Blog pages show at most".

  14. Thanks for all your help!! It looks "normal" again. :-)

  15. Great to hear that. Thanks for your patience.

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