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    i just started a blog with wordpress this morning, i didnt have much time to play around with it, so ive come back to it and made some changes including my theme for my layout, but my front page still comes up with the old one i had, how on earth do i change this as my old one is YUCK and i cant for the life of me find out where to change it.

    Also i added my avatar which seems to work here but doesnt appear anywhere in my blog



    As you have not linked your blog to your username in your forum profile or supplied the url we cannot see the front page of your blog and determine what your “front page” problem is.

    Forum profile – Look at the top right hand corner of the forum page where it says “view your profile” and click on it if you wish to complete it.

    Changing themes => Dashboard => Presentation => Themes ( find the one you like and click it). No data or images will be lost regardless of how many times you change themes. However, some themes do not have widgets and others do. Some have more than one sidebar so you may have to re-arrange them.

    Re-arranging widgets => Dashboard => Presentation => Sidebar widgets (drag the widgets you want out of the Available Widgets box and drop them into the Sidebar box (or boxes) in the locations of your choice then click “Save Changes”.

    Avatars – There is a time delay for avatar display. Your avatar will first be seen here in the forum. Thereafter it will appear whenever you post on the forum, leave a comment on another blog or on your own. It will also appear on the tag pages with your posts in the category/tag pages that you assigned to the posts. It will not appear elsewhere. However, you can choose to place it in a text widget manually and place it in your sidebar.

    As you are new this thread may be helpful for reference purposes


    OKay i think i fixed my profile. I changed my theme EXACTLY how you have it in your reply. but my main page is still the grey one and if you click on March 2007 under archives it takes you to the page i want the main on to be which is a pink one. I cant seem to get that main page to change, as for my widgets…not really worried about those, same for my avatar, as you said it will eventually turn up. my concern is i cant get that main page to change and its doing my head in. ive been going through all my options for the last 3/4 of an hour and cant seem to see what is going wrong…if i havent fixed my profile my blog is



    When I look under Recent Posts I see only the number “9” . When I click on it I see the same page as the one found in your archives. I should be seeing the title of the page you wrote.

    I don’t understand why this post is not appearing on your front page. Perhaps you could edit it and give it a title and see if it appears on the front page then.

    Normally to edit a post => Dashboard => click Manage => then Posts then click edit for the post you need to change.

    Is this number “9” the Hello World post that said this on it “Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”


    we are obviously seeing different things. On my main page its silver/grey the only number on there is “5” and that takes me to my post which is the same one that is on the main page (the grey silver page) yet this one is on the pink page which i want all my pages to be. however i have just clicked on the “5” and it now comes up with an error 404. its almost as if all my settings are not saving correctly even tho i am clicking on the save button.

    i know how to write a post as i already have one up there i just want that main page to be the pink one that occurs when you click on anything in the archive.


    nope i edited that and did my own…or maybe i deleted it and did my own, cant remember now. I have just edited the post that is in there and given it a title and saved it but that title isnt showing up. I dont think any of my changes are taking effect.

    i just changed the theme of my page again to see if it was just the theme and that seems to change fine when i go to my archives my current theme is what you see its just not changing that main page

    i also keep losing my “My Account” and “Dashboard” they just keep disappearing



    Okay I just looked at your blog again and I can no longer see the Recent Posts or the number “9” or the number “5” .

    In this theme Andreas 09 the outer background is always gray. The colour of the pages you write on is always white and never pink. The only thing that ought to be pink is the header and the links.

    I think you need staff help but support is not open on weekends. They have the forums on feeds and deal with urgent matters only. That means you can’t send in a feedback until Monday. However, our Moderator drmike will be in tomorrow morning and he may be able to help you then.

    Your other alternative is to change themes and see if the problem is resolved. If so then at least you will know if it’s a theme dependent problem or not.

    I’m sorry you got off to such a rocky start. You must be really frustrated. :(

    Edit: Because your dashboard is disappearing I think you should send an email to support at this domain dot com.


    Can i delete everything and start from scratch????????



    Yes but it may not be effective because your dashboard is disappearing. I think you should send an email to support at this domain dot com. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. :(


    thanks for all your help tho :)



    Would you please consider editing out the format of the email address you just put up? It’s correct but you see I deliberately expressed it in a way that spam bots won’t get. Best of luck to you my Beloved and I are on our way out. {waving}


    thanks heaps



    ** blowing kisses ** you’re welcome.

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