Main sidebar in Twenty Eleven has disappeared

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    I have been to Settings>Writing and ticked the Correct Invalidly Nested XHTML, I have been to each of my posts in Editor made a slight change then Updated, I have checked each post in HTML and clicked Close Tags and saved changes…. don’t know what else to do. Previously I tried to paste a code into my Widget/Sidebar, I’m guessing this is the problem… sorry, got too carried away. Also I know it is not a browser problem as I checked it in IE and it is fine. I’m in Firefox currently. I hope someone can help, so frustrated :-(

    The blog I need help with is


    At the bottom of appearance > widgets is a section called “inactive widgets.” Collapse the top “available widgets area by clicking on the right end of the title bar for that section and then the “inactive widgets” section will be nearer the top. Move all your widgets over and into the “inactive widgets area, go to your site main page and refresh the page. If the default set of widgets are there, then go back to appearance > widgets and starting with the non-text widgets, add them back into the sidebar one at a time and again check after adding each widget to see if the sidebar is still there. Keep doing that and see if one of the widgets is causing the issue.



    So, you don’t have main sidebar on your blog?
    Try this:

    Go to Dashboard >Appearance >Theme Options

    and see which Layout is selected. Probably you’ve selected no sidebar layout, because if there are no widgets activated, theme shows Archives as default widgets. Read more about working of Twenty Eleven:


    @expatlogue: You’ve set a showcase template page as your front. You must put your widgets in the Showcase sidebar, not the Main sidebar.



    Thanks all of you, @wpgaurav, my layout was set for sidebar on the right, I checked it a load of times, @thesacredpath, I tried to close the Available Widgets box by cliking on the right of the title bar and it wouldn’t close, but I deleted all the widgets from my main sidebar and, having read @panaghiotisadam‘s post about using the Showcase sidebar I put them into that, et voila, all back again! Thanks guys for your help in increasing my knowledge of how this stuff works – much appreciated :-)

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