Major Glitches Need to address in the next update

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    I will not be posting this under any other thread as this needs to be seen.

    When updating a site, instructions on how to use it is critical as sudden changes can frustrate a blogger trying to figure out how to use it. Facebook, with all it’s changes, still provides a tour so you can use it.

    All now, I have not figured out how to schedule posts it does not even work properly.

    My posts do not post to my social media outlets

    The URL used to be under the title and now it’s not there (which makes it slightly more difficult and time consuming to post, view the actual post and copy the URL)

    The smaller URL doesn’t show in the section where you share your posts.

    I’m sure that there are many other glitches other getting used to so I hope staff are taking note.



    THANK YOU!!!! I got a smart ass reply on my question with a vague – look up the ‘how to’ – which doesn’t exist! (they didn’t leave a link) They also need to fix the image glitch – right now, you can’t insert an image from your hard drive – you have to load it into photo bucket or something similar and then guess what link to use. I spent 45 minutes trying to make a post that should have taken 3. With no – hey we’ve updated and screwed up your world, here’s how to fix it – I’m ready to abandon and delete this blog.

    This site is the worst blogging site I”ve ever tried. My only reason for being here is I have friends here and it just made it easier to respond to them.



    Actually, that second response is nonsense. You do not need to use Photobucket. I’ve answered this question thirty-one times now today. Here



    I will use small words and small sentences so you can understand.

    I am frustrated.

    Very frustrated.

    I want to post like we used to be able to.

    I want to be able to put pictures in with the text.

    Like we used to.

    It was quick.

    It was painless.

    It was easy.

    The new set up will not allow that.

    The new set up is for the birds.

    It is no improvement.

    The only way to insert pictures like we used is to use the html feature.

    Or is it an IMG feature?

    Or perhaps it is a direct link feature.

    Or the other feature, I forget.

    That does work, but it is time consuming.

    Oh. Time Consuming means it takes more time.


    What used to take me 2 or 3 minutes, now takes 15.

    That is time consuming.

    To say that taking 15 minutes instead of 2 minutes to complete a job is stupid.

    Going through the dashboard is edit.

    Edit is time consuming.

    It is not an improvement.

    It’s not even ‘the old way’.

    It sucks moldy rocks.

    I know you would like me to praise the new system.

    There is nothing to praise.

    I know I”m coming off like a bitch. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating this is. This new system, or even the only way now to go around it, is a waste of time. It’s like masturbating with a cheese grater – painfully pointless! If I read the other forum right, this site is moving to all-mobile formatting and many people like myself, are not mobile and have no intention of going mobile. Where does that leave us? Y’all need to take that into consideration.

    I’m all for praising a job well done (and do so) but when the ‘upgrade’ or ‘improvement’ is crap, I”m not going to soothe someone’s ego.

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