Major IE7 issue!!!

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    Hello. The blog site i’ve been asked to take a look at ( looks absolutely fine in most browsers but IE7 completely fails to display some of the crucial items!?!? Is there some key thing that IE7 is picking up on that other browsers aren’t that could be removed/overridden? Usually i’d use an IE7 only css file but that doesn’t seem to be possible on here.

    If anyone can help me with this i’d be most grateful as it’s very frustrating. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    Perhaps if you could tell us what is not looking right we could have some suggestions. The problem is I don’t have IE at all, much less IE7 so I can’t really take a look.

    The CSS for themes here are done with a pretty broad brush so as not to need any IE specific stuff, but some themes here are heavy with CSS3 and HTML5 and wordpress is quickly heading to the point where all themes here will have a doctype of HTML5.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see wordpress core drop support for IE7 in about two or three major revisions (3.4 or 3.5).


    Take a look at the W3C CSS validation report. You might some enlightenment there as there as apparently Sandbox is still CSS 2.1 and there have been quite a number of CSS3 specific things used in the CSS on that site.

    If you are going to be using CSS3 I would suggest using the Toolbox theme as a starting point since it far further into HTML5 and CSS3.


    Excuse my typos.

    “You might some enlightenment there as the site is apparently using Sandbox is still CSS 2.1…



    @hiscoxsmallbizblog: I looked at your blog in Internet Explorer, and it looks fine in IE9. However, when I turned on the compatibility option, it seems that some elements of the page (widgets, menu) disappear.

    It seems that some of your custom CSS is causing the issue. We’ll be looking into this further.


    Thanks for your comments. I wouldn’t be surprised that support may well be dropped, after all it is two major versions of IE ago, so the reasons for people sticking with IE7 are getting fewer and fewer. However, our tracking shows that some people still use IE6 and VERY occasionally, IE5!

    Yes, that’s the problem that i’m seeing. If you can help at all it would be very much appreciated. :) Thank you!


    The Akismet spam filter has me by the throat at the moment and has tossed two of my replies here into the dungeon, but I’ll try again. Do a CSS validation report on the site and look through the CSS errors. IE is notoriously rigid on CSS versions and the theme you are using is CSS2.1 and you have a good bit of CSS3 things in the CSS. It would be worth taking a look at those items.

    On the IE5 and IE6 thing, the web has to walk away from those at some point, and that has happened. It’s either that or all the great new capabilities of the new standards have to be left on the shelf and you allow the lowest common denominator to control what you do.

    Fingers crossed this get through instead of being caught in the spam filter.


    Yes, i agree, i’m not too bothered about IE5 and IE6 at the moment because they are archaic browsers to say the least!. It’s surprising considering how fast the web industry changed that people still cling on to systems that are a decade old yet still expect everything to work perfectly.

    IE7 unfortunately still gives quite a few hits, so this really needs resolving.

    I’ll certainly have a look at the CSS validator, thanks for the tip!

    If you make any progress with analyzing our bespoke CSS on the blog i would be very grateful if you would keep me updated, that would be great! Many thanks.


    Hi everyone, does anybody else have any suggestions? I’m working through the CSS validation but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference so far.

    Sorry to keep bumping the thread but this is rather urgent!

    Many thanks


    Sorry to be a pain, but were you able to find a way to get the menu and widgets to display in IE7 at all?

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