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Major spam problems in last days

  1. Hi all,
    The last couple of days I've seen a huge increase in spam that seeps through the Akismet filter. More than 60+ messages this day and if I want to keep my blog clean now, it's almost a 9-5 job. Just an overview of the last messages I've deleted (maybe someone can see where this comes from?)

    [delete spam - drmike]

  2. Doing their job for them by providing the links? *sigh*

    So, you're marking them as spam when you see tham, right? That way the system can learn and adjust.

  3. Sorry for posting the spam, just thought it would give an example of the type of spam (all from gmail accounts for example). I'm marking them all as spam, but it's just been crazy the past days.

    Just two questions:
    *Anyone experiencing the same rise?
    *Is there any way to set the level for the Akismet filter (either by me, or

  4. My spam had a drastic decline. There is hardly anything in Akismet these days.

    If the spam gets past Akismet and gets directly on your blog I suggest some level of comment moderation.

    What I have on my blog is in Dashboard --> Options --> Discussion:

    Hold a comment in the queue if it contains 1 or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)

    That way I get to moderate any comment that contains any link in the body of the comment.

  5. Having a lot of spam could be all in the way you think about it.....the spammers like you, you're popular. Of course they don't know you.....but you are their friend. Have you considered sending them a return gift? Perhaps a bomb? (I am kidding btw.....for anyone with their sarcasm chip disabled).

    Personally I've decided to fight fire with fire when it comes to spam. Read're more than welcome do do a similar thing if you wish.

  6. Thanks for the tips, and nice post on the spamwar manifesto :) I've followed your tip carocat and changed the moderation of comments. Comments are now only posted, when I've approved the author at least once. So that solved the problem, although massive amounts of spam still come flowing in....

  7. although massive amounts of spam still come flowing in....

    Which is very odd, considering I for one haven't had much lately. At least they won't go directly on your blog. :)

  8. Is there any way to set the level for the Akismet filter

    We have no control over the filter. Gotta admit that I'm not seeing anything hit my blog. I'm wondering if your blog was just early in the run.

    I've had three false positives in about a year that made it through and that's with 4 main blogs and about 60 theme demo sites for my wpmu install.

    Here's the stats page if you want to take a looksee:

    edit: I'm seeing high amounts of spam but they're all being caught or dropped into moderation.

  9. I'm seeing high amounts of spam but they're all being caught or dropped into moderation.

    Same here.

  10. I saw four get by Akismet today, which is really odd. The spammers have changed something, obviously. Some have no URLs but they're tests for others later, and some are .info sites.

  11. I have had a few .info spams (supposedly fansites of this or that star) slip by Akismet, but mostly things are cool. I am, however, a bit of a fanatic about spam and close old posts to lower my profile. I rarely got comments to old posts anyway. I have added a very spam-resistant guest book as an alternative way for people to comment on the blog generically, or on old posts.

  12. I'm getting a ton of them slipping by right now. At least 10% are getting posted to the blog. Really annoying.

  13. Lately Akismet's been letting through 20-30 spams a day -- my backup list of spam words stops them being published, but it's still a pain having to do mass deletes every day. I have 50 in the moderation queue as I type, all really really obvious spam that Akismet shouldn't be having any trouble spotting. At this rate I'm going to have to turn email notifications off again.

  14. I had the same idea, it's such obvious spam that I was just amazed that Akismet didn't catch it. Anyway I'm moderating all the comments now, once a day I throw em all away. Sounds like a nice motto.

  15. My spam has tripled but akismet is catching it

  16. The last three days, I've been getting 30-50 spams a day, all obviously from the same company but for different products, and all on one post.

    So I don't know what they have against my podcast of Asterius of Amasea's "On Divorce", but they have it bad! :)

  17. If my blogs were getting as few as 30-50 spams per day I'd be dancing on the rooftops. As it is Akismet is catching hundreds for me on my blogs every day and every time I clear them I'm thankful that we have Akismet. Also note that most spam is a resulted of sutomated bots. It's not likely that any individual is selectively sending them just because you have a specific podcast on your blog. :)

  18. I'm also getting all my spam on one post, so it seems there is a pattern if marialectrix also has the problem.

  19. If I understand you correctly, the spam is being caught by Akismet and you are marking it as spam so it's not really a problem because it isn't getting posted.

  20. If the spam is all hitting one post and it's getting through, turn the comments off unless there's a really good reason not to, like it's your top post or something.

  21. He's says above that he's moderating all comments and clearing the spam once each day. So there's nothing out of the ordinary going on here as far as I can tell.

  22. There is currently another wave of spam getting through. I've just killed another four that made it to the site.

  23. suburbanbanshee

  24. The 30-50 spams a day _are_ getting through Akismet. They aren't going into moderation, either. They appear as comments, and when I look on the dashboard, I spy them with my little eye and delete them by hand.

    On the bright side, only three more of them have appeared in the last three hours since I checked my dashboard. The spammers must have gone to bed.

  25. @marialectrix
    As the spams are getting through Akismet and and are being posted on your blog somehow jumping the moderation queque then I think you should send in a feedback to staff to let them know this is happening.

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