Make a category link to a internal page?

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    Hi guys! So I am having a hell of time making my blog work out the way I want it to. So I have a blog that is for fitness and humor. Currently I have my categories in the menu but I want to add a link in the menu that will go to a internal page with an iframe for an apparel store. I can’t figure out any possible way to make a tag on the category menu link directly to a page where I can post the Iframe. If this is possible I would also like to remove the side (latest posts, dates) and footer on this page so it only displays my apparel store in the iframe. Is this possible?



    Hi flawedporcelain,

    It looks like you are using a self hosted version of WordPress for your site.
    This forum is for sites support.

    You would need to start a thread at where they support the self hosted version of WordPress.

    They will be able to support you much better there.

    Thank you.

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