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Make a link to a big (page size)

  1. I have a chart with pictures and text that I want to insert into a Page. When I did so, the complete page did not show; part of the width was cut off.

    How can I show that complete, entire chart? Is there a way that I can make the complete chart clickable on a link? If so, where would that chart be stored???

    Theme is “DePo.”

  2. Link to the page in question, please.

  3. I took the chart out because only half of it showed (horizontally).

    Theme is “DePo.”

  4. Please provide a link to the chart then, starting with http.

  5. And please amend your forum signature to include http:// before your blog URL. That makes it clickable and saves forum volunteers two steps in helping you. Or simply link your username to your blog.

  6. Her user name is linked to her blog.

  7. I had wanted to insert a big photo into one of my blogs and resize it down in the post and make it clickable to the original size photo. Every time I uploaded it the media library crunched it down to the width of the post in my theme.
    I got around this by using Windows Live Writer to do the post and link it to the original in the original size. Now it is sized in the post and clickable to the larger image.
    You might want to give that a try.

  8. Or could you save the chart as a pdf. Upload to your media library, then link to it from your post.
    PDF's are often more clear and sharp than jpgs, pngs, gifs.

  9. Oh! I like the idea of the pdf. I will try everything, though. :-)
    Thank you.

    Theme is “DePo.”


  10. (I thought signatures weren't allowed in the forums?)

  11. Yes, you are right Vivian, and in the past staff have removed them with a warning. We haven't seen much of staff over the holidays though.

  12. lol ... :P

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