Make a link with some pictures..

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    I would like to make a post, with a link, where I show 5 pictures,

    what I mean is not to show tumbnails, but I would like someway show a page, with 5 pictures…

    how can I do that? I tried someway, but I dont know how, to make a post not listed in the website (with the 5 pictures), where I could link it or something..



    Can you explain what you want a bit more clearly? I’m afraid I can’t follow you. You could include full size images in your a post and change the date so that it doesn’t appear on your front page, if you want to hide it. Or you could use Flickr if you want to host your photos elsewhere and then link to them in a post. Is that what you want to do?


    I created a page, and I made other “page” as parent.. so I have the link to it, but it doesnt show on menu like you said.

    thank you alot,

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