Make a new blog as a copy of an existing blog.

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    Ok, I want my blog to support additional languages. The posts and other information is translated by various people involved with my project, so I need the user to be able to select a language and then read the pages and posts in their language of choice (English (default), Spanish, French, Russian and maybe others). The way I had started doing this was not very scalable, it seems that the better choice is to essentially have a copy of the blog per language with links in the appropriate places.

    So what I’d like to do is to create 3 or more additional blogs but copy my existing blog exactly. This would then allow me to just change the text but leave the formatting, theme, text widgets, images, movies, links and so on alone. I don’t need to copy comments, stats or media – just the contents itself (assuming the images/movies/etc. linked back to my main blog). Is there any way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, I’m not sure about the widgets (and by this I mean all of them) but you can use the import tool for the text. The theme it doesn’t move in for you, but the pictures and movies and links I think it will. Check out the 24/7 supports for the import tool.

    What do you mean by ‘assuming the images/movies/etc. linked back your main blog?



    We can’t give you any specific advice without a link to the blog, starting with http. Otherwise we’d just be guessing how it works.

    Please always follow the instructions in this thread, and then your questions will be answered faster:



    The link to my blog is:



    It looks like the Import tool is what I want, thanks fishyseries. :)

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