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    I’ve just posted on my blog about a problem I’m having, please help. The post is here:


    Ben Harris



    We don’t do house calls. Next time please state your problem here in the forums instead of making us go to your blog. It’s actually against the ToS, will get your blog tossed, and it is becoming a big issue around here. Everyone else does it in this manner.

    To answer your question though, add in the Category widget to one of your sidebars. This will add in Pages for your Categories. They won’t be listed along side your About page but you’ll see how they’re done. You can see them on my blog along the right hand side if you want.



    Ok, sorry about that.

    I have the categories widget already and from what you describe it doesn’t sound like what I want can be done. I was actually getting confused because my theme is the Garland theme and I incorrectly assumed it would do something that Drupal does.

    Thanks for your help anyway.



    Although I could be wrong I think you may benefit from reading this and this.
    The two explain how categories, blogrolls and links widgets work here at wordpress. If they are not helpful with regard to what you want to achieve then perhaps this will be
    I hope this will help you but if not then please post again. :)



    I think I know what you want to do because I would like to do the same. Correct me if I am wrong…

    I have a blog upon which I will be adding news items in post form and I will put them in a “News” category.

    My category widget which works well has other categories in it and when I click on the side bar “News” link sure enough I see the associated posts.

    The thing is… I would like to have a PAGE called “Latest News” which I was hoping would contain the posts in the “News” category but I cannot figure out how to do this yet other than to manually add links to the posts. If there is a way of doing this that I don’t know about could some of you experts out there please advise…




    The “Pages” per se sit outside the blog system, so your only way to do this is what you already have, the dynamic pages that you generate when you click on each tag in the sidebar.

    You could make a text widget called Latest News with a link that goes to the tag page, but that’s a complete duplication of something that’s already there.



    “make a text widget”? can I do this on thought this would only be possible on the version… please point me towards link with info on this.. Thanks



    Here you go. When in doubt, search the FAQ:

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