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    How can i get a new page to just show a category of posts? I have made a page called mix tapes but there is nothing there I want to get all the posts in the category mix tape to show up on that page.



    You’ll need to manually add the link to the page

    the link is wrote like this

    Here is a working example.


    i have actually tried that but it will remove the slash in between category and mix-tape automatically leaving me with a link to nowhere!



    here is the link you need I tried it out
    & it works the link pulls up all posts
    under the mix tape category.

    Working link


    ok well how can i add that next to the home and about me in the navigation bar? I tried to make a page and change the link to but it only allows me to put /category/mix-tape after the main address but when i enter /category/mix-tape and press enter it changes to /categorymix-tape am i missing something really simple here?



    I don’t know why you’d want to hand-build a page. Exactly such a page is generated whenever someone clicks on the category in your sidebar. Just make sure you put the Category widget in your sidebar.



    Here you go this will explain what your asking.
    How to make category tabs in


    Thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for!

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