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    Hello luvs! I want the first post I made in my new fiction blog to always be first. I tried searching for ‘floating’ but that didn’t yield anything. Could you tell me what term to use to find help, or just tell me how to do it? That is, if it is do-able.

    I have two blogs here in the land of WordPress and I think The White Lily Blog may be linked to my name, but I’m looking for help with just in case, so go there if you need to look.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Edit the post and on the right you will see the large Update button.
    Just there is also the Visibilty option to make a post sticky, or to make it private or to schedule i.



    You can make the post a “sticky” post in the publish settings under visibility and it will always be first on your front page, unless you change that setting. Illustration here >


    Wow, that worked, thank you so much! (‘Sticky’ was the word I needed to search for; I’ve seen it but I didn’t realize the meaning!)

    Listen, could I add one more question? Later I’d like to be able to group the posts rather than have than fall in chrono order of posting. Is there a way to do this with Ambiru, the theme I’m using for the fiction blog? Can you do it with any theme? Or another theme? Maybe Mark was hinting at that when he used the term ‘schedule’ but I’m not sure.

    I see my name is linked to my other blog, so here’s the one I’m wanting help with again

    Thank you!

    Thanks so much!



    No, there isn’t a way to do that other than to fiddle with the date/time of posting. I’m assuming you don’t mean just categorizing them and then clicking on the category in the category widget.



    The best way to group your posts by topic is to use Categories and include a Category widget in your sidebar, but it will not look the same as a standard front page, and readers would have to click through to the categories in order to see the posts organized that way.


    I thought not. But I’ll play with the category thing. The short story ‘Confession’ is a serial (means I haven’t finished it yet!). So I could make that a category, and add the installments there as I go along. Or I could make the whole novel of which Confession is a part, along with ‘When Will We Fall Down’ and others I haven’t put up yet, a category and add that way. I could have a post with a blurb for the whole thing that points a reader toward the category. I didn’t know you could use categories like that. Matter of fact, I didn’t know what categories WERE! I thought they might be for the google ‘bots.

    Thanking out loud. Thanks so much for all the help!



    Is there any way to make a post sticky just within its respective category/archive, and not the home page?




    No I’m sorry there isn’t a way to do that.



    You could edit the date so it always appears to be the most recent, but that’s going to hurt your blog overall, as this old post keeps popping to the top and changing its URL



    Make the said post as sticky



    No, that doesn’t work with categories.



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    The blog linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM blog. I believe you may be lost. The correct forum for those who have blogs hosted by any host other by wordpress.COM is here > http://wordpress.ORG/support/
    See this sticky post at the head of this forum >

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