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Make buttons in editor detachable

  1. On the Editor, at the top where the buttons are (one line or two lines). Wouldn't it be nice if it were detachable? I am constantly scrolling up and down, highlighting a text, then scrolling up to press a button etc.

  2. Thanks, I will now have to learn them.!
    There is a video at the link above, in case anyone else is looking:
    oops! It is all laid out nicely at the link above.

    Letter Action Letter Action
    c Copy v Paste
    a Select all x Cut
    z Undo y Redo
    b Bold i Italic
    u Underline 1 Header 1
    2 Header 2 3 Header 3
    4 Header 4 5 Header 5
    6 Header 6 9 Address

    The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter.
    Letter Action Letter Action
    n Check Spelling l Align Left
    j Justify Text c Align Center
    d Strikethrough r Align Right
    u • List a Insert link
    o 1. List s Remove link
    q Quote m Insert Image
    g Full Screen t Insert More Tag
    p Insert Page Break tag h Help
    e Switch to HTML mode

  3. The Shortcuts are a big help.
    But this doesn't help regarding the colour of the text!

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