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Make Categories lead to ordinary layout

  1. Hallo there. My problem is that when i click on a category on my blog it takes me to some view that does not look like my blog. I would like the posts to appear in my usual layout.
    I'm swedish so i hope you understand.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. That depends on the theme you're using. Preview the different themes on the Design page and you could find some you like that work this way.

  3. Thanks for the answer. When i click on a certain category i the Category-widget in my sidebar it's all right though, layout is there all right. And i am pretty sure that it was like this when i clicked directly from the posts as well, but no more. =(

    I may allready have the right layout that is, but what is wrong?


  4. Oh, wait, I misunderstood.

    Nothing is wrong. This is how the categories work; the ones you have on individual posts lead to the Global Category Pages, which are where every post that uses that category shows up, for all of WordPress. There's no way out of the Global pages except to ask to have your blog listed as Mature, which takes it off those pages.

  5. OK. Then i either need to be Mature or get rid of the Categories in the posts. I do want them in my sidebar though. And while i'm at it, i dont want Tags taking up space in my posts either.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. You cannot remove the Categories from your post without at least the CSS upgrade, and frowns on it even then. You can report your own blog as Mature by going to your blog's page and using the Report As Mature button under Blog Info on your blue admin bar at the top of the page.

  7. I'll try and do that, report it as mature. But as it is now the field "Blog url:" is not open to write in, it saiz only ""?

  8. No, the blue bar at the top of the browser window, the one that says My Dashboard and so on...on the right side it says Blog Info. Under Blog Info is Report as Mature.

  9. Mature won't do! only setting your blog as 'Private' does what you want.

    means forget about being indexed by the search engines and getting your blog found.

  10. This are kind of disappointing options. It's counter-intuitive for viewers to click on a tag and leave the blog. That said, you are doing the hosting and can do whatever you want.

  11. My mistake. I think it used to work that way, but doesn't anymore. tisme is right.

    I think the reason does things this way (and you're right, it's totally counterintuitive) is the huge Googlejuice boost it gives, plus the fact that it knits the community together more than other options. From their perspective, it's a great idea. From the individual blogger's perspective, not so much. Unless they live and die by the googlejuice, which some of us do.

  12. Oh, i'm in Blog Info, it's there the field "Blog url:" is not up for adoption.

  13. I beg your pardon?

  14. This is no good.

  15. I suggest you move the Categories in the sidebar higher up. You have them at the bottom now and people won't really look there. Put them at top.

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