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    Im messing around with two-column minimalist style with sandbox and am VERY new at CSS and all this stuff. So far, I have been finding the information I need to (after lots of trial and error and surfing the net, but whatever :P ) but I ask this. How do I make my main column wider? I have been trying to figure it out but I cant. Im not sure if maybe some code (not sure on terminology here) I put in is interfering with making the column wider but I am stumped.

    I have been able to make my side column smaller by adding margins but I dont know how to change margins for the main column.



    I have no expertise whatsoever but I have a hunch the answer maybe found in one of the resource materials listed in this thread

    And then there’s this on “liquid width”

    Also I notice that on there is a thread on changing whole theme width



    Well, I managed to make the main column wider but I pushed my side column down in the process. I can move the side column up by messing with some numbers but when I do, it disappears under white space (my background). Not sure if that makes sense but hey, I have almost no idea what I am doing so cut me some slack :P

    Im really trying but this stuff looks like some crazy alien language to a beginner.



    Like I said in my response I have no expertise. I know nothing about css and there were no beloved geeks responding to you so I gave you the url’s for research materials I could find. I think “liquid width” may be the answer but I’ll leave it to the techno-set to respond to you from here on out. Best of luck. :)



    Might help us help you if we could see where your blog is. The link in your profile doesn’t work.

    Most themes use narrowcolumn and widecolumn to define the main column within WordPress. See if there are width settings under those.

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