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    So, I just went through a bit of an ordeal getting my two blogs properly oriented so that posts would go to the proper email addresses. I have two blogs, each with its own email address, necessitated by links with two separate Twitter pages (that to was an ordeal, anyone with this problem, I can help).

    All of the notifications were going to one email address. I came to the forums and I got some really good help and advice. But, what it meant was a tone of work, killing cookies and caches in two browsers on each of five computers.

    So, I plunged in myself. I found my way to Settings|Sharing and put the email button on my two blogs. I think that actual intent of this button is for your readers to establish an email connection. I assumed that I would be using this button as I am forced to use the Twitter and Facebook buttons (because of Facebook and Twitter rules, not WordPress rules) to manually each time sent the email notification to the proper email address. But, oh no. When I first clicked the button on one blog, up popped a box in which I was to put the email address which I expected. But, when the email arrived, it asked if I wanted to subscribe via that email; address to that blog. You betcha!!. I did each in turn. I had to wait to test this until I had something to say in each blog.

    Yesterday was the day. I did about a half dozen posts in each blog. Each post went to exactly the email address for which it was intended. So, this is a quick and dirty way to very easily get your email to go where you want it.


    @richard (good name by the way) thanks for posting that. I’ll file it away in my brain basket for future reference.

    It does seem that something is out of kilter with the email stuff given your experience. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to get the emails going where they need to go with multiple blogs.

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