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    Hi, I’ve tried everything I can find to make the font size on my tagline larger, and the CSS just doesn’t seem to be accepting what I try. Can anyone give me a hint? I do have the CSS upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is




    Your site is set to private so I can’t take a look. What theme are you using?


    @belleweatherfarm, I see you are using Sunspot on the puppet studio site. Add the following CSS and then adjust the 1.2em value as you desire.

    .site-description {
    font-size: 1.2em !important;

    Also in the custom CSS window, make sure the /* and */ are deleted, or that the code above is not between them. Those character strings denote the beginning and end of a note in the CSS, and nothing in between will be rendered.


    Well hello, SacredPath :) Good to find you here!

    Thanks to both of you for chiming in. So, it worked perfectly. Somehow, I got the idea that the code was SUPPOSED to go in between the /*’s, and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I’m having such a hard time! I’m really missing the old manner of doing the CSS. It was so easy for me the first time, and this time (5-6 yrs later), I’m thoroughly lost and can’t find anything I’m seeking- it seems that so much information is hidden in misc other ways of saying it.

    About it being private- it’s only private because I don’t want anyone finding it or running into it until I have it all set up. And I change and change things for a long time till I’m settled in :) But it’s really awfully complicated, because the people that could help me can’t get in! Is there a better way?

    SacredPath (assuming it’s the right you), actually thought of you today, poured out the last of this year’s maple into my kid’s birthday cake :)


    Yup, it is me, and we are savoring the syrup you sent.

    No problem on it being private, we understand your reasons. I, as staff, can see it when it is set to private, so if it is private, one of use staff members will help you out with any issues.

    5-6 years can mean a lot of changes, and can also mean a good bit can be forgotten. We all run into that.

    Let us know if you have any further problems or questions.


    :) You know, it’s just a different set-up and I am very confused, even after going through all the tutorials. I used to be able to open a stylesheet, which situated itself right next to the page I was working on, and everything I needed to see was right there, and the language corresponded with any directions that I sought out.

    Now, I’ve got this bottom half of the browser thingie, with three sections, and nothing that I see ever looks like what I find in the tutorials. I think I must be missing something very fundamental in my understanding… but even my hubby who has built numerous websites is a bit flummoxed. Do you know what it is that I simply don’t comprehend? Is there a starting point that I’ve missed, such as what windows to be looking in? I swear that the codes I see don’t have any relationship to the codes in the tutorials!


    CSS is virtually always theme specific, and with all the new themes here, the CSS in many of them is more complex than it used to be. There have also been, over the years, adjustments to things so that the content on the sites is easier for the search engines to find and index. Also, there have been a lot of new capabilities with HTML5 and CSS3.

    The interwebs moves at lightning speed.


    LOL, I am going to find myself left in the dust!!!

    Can you direct me to the place where I can increase the font size or change the font color of a text widget? Sunspot…
    Thank you :)


    Even I find myself having problems keeping up with all of it, so you have company. :)

    To change the text size in text widgets, add this and adjust as desired.

    .textwidget {
    	font-size: 100%;

    You have all the answers!!!! May I ask another one, back to tagline ?! :) I noticed that when I enlarged the font size of the tagline, the title line of the posts also increased significantly. Is it possible to diminish the post heading/title without decreasing the tagline size again?


    Absolutely you can change the post heading sizes without decreasing the tagline. Add this and adjust the 2.4rem value as desire.

    .entry-title {
    	font-size: 2.4rem;

    Can you solve my mystery? What must I do to change the color of the font in my text-widgets? I thought for sure I could figure it out! Tried a multitude of ways, no luck yet. Sunspot is the theme :)


    The text color is set broadly in the one place, but the following will target text widgets only, so as not to change font colors elsewhere. Excuse my obnoxious red demo color. :)

    #secondary .textwidget {
    color: #CC0000;

    You are my hero :)


    :) Glad to be of help.

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