Make Freshly Pressed Visible to Public!

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    I was recently honored to be featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed page. I really wanted to spread the word about being featured, but I was dismayed to find that this page is only visible to bloggers who are logged in to

    Why does the new homepage redesign not include a tab for Freshly Pressed blogs? I would think WP would want the whole world to see what their users are writing about, not just people who already blog with them. It just might give someone who’s been thinking about blogging that little bit of inspiration to take the leap and sign up.

    The blog I need help with is


    Good point made! Agree!



    I’m with paisley. I have a large mailing list from my other job as comedian and I want people to know and also inspire them to read my blog and check out the others on WordPress. Can you fix it today before I’m not on there. :)




    Well, I’m just a regular old wordpress user and I don’t want to see FP. Ever.


    Don’t wanna see it, no need to click on it. ;)


    I agree that Freshly Pressed should be made public. Even if I am nowhere close to be featured on it! ;)

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