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Make Friends With Death (and MORE)

  1. invisiblemikey

    New on INVISIBLE MIKEY - .Meet my haunted cat, my friend DEATH, and read about a brave little bird.

    (They do keep trying, those sneaky spammers...)

    - a blog for readers and thinkers -

    (thoughtful commenters, too!)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your post was beautifully written. Well done. :)

  3. I truly enjoyed my visit to your blog and added it to my reading list (Links). The post you are promoting in this thread was sensitive and beautifully written. Kudos!

  4. There's something wrong - page loading is taking forever. I wasn't even sure if my 1st answer had posted but it appeared when the second one did.

  5. invisiblemikey

    Beats me. I got both comments when I looked. Perhaps you had fixed it by then. In any case, thank you! (I try to keep it simple with the few images or widgets, partly FOR fast-loading.)

  6. I meant the comments in this thread as opposed to the ones on the blog. :) The forum page loading time went into slow - mode.

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