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Make full res versions of images not able to be click through'd to...

  1. I have posted an image on one of my pages of my blog but when it is clicked it will let the viewer pull up the very high resolution full size image. Is there a way to disable clicking through to the high res image?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't UPLOAD high-res images.

  3. Well other than that option I figured it out. I wanted the full res image because I am also using it as the "Featured Image" to be a zoomed in version of the image.
    check my page for what i mean

    For those of you who are interested in this as well here is what you do:
    After uploading the file, BEFORE you push insert into page look above it where it says "Link to" and select none. The image is still there and can be accessed if people right click on image > view image > and manually adjust the resolution in the url bar, but at least the image is not clickable


  4. It would take me three seconds, LITERALLY three seconds, to hack that. DO NOT UPLOAD FULL RES IMAGES if you don't want them downloadable.

  5. The point isn't to make it un"hack"able, just to make it unclickable. But thank you for your opinion nonetheless

  6. I would suggest you not take your header as an image copyrighted to Vanity

  7. Seriously wtf is your problem?!? Im testing out different fits, font styles and color schemes and was testing how a white themed banner fits with a white background. I am still building my page, do you seriously have nothing better to do with your day than this? You have nothing else to do than troll other people who are genuinely searching for help to questions. You are the definition of a troll. You took time out of your day to downloas my temporary header image, that has nothing to do with the question asked, and then google image search itto see if you could see if its copyrighted, just so you could post that comment...on a blog that isnt even up yet.

    Enjoy your holiday

  8. Well, I must have somehow overlooked the "TEMPORARY COPYRIGHT VIOLATION" sign you posted.

  9. @timethief
    thanks!! happy holidays!!

  10. You're welcome and Happy Holidays! to you too. :)

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