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    I’m participating in several fiction prompt exchanges that are on other blog sites such as Blog Spot. Lots of us who are posting for this are finding that other blog sites make it hard for WordPress people to put up a comment (Blog Spot’s word verification never accepts your word match as correct) and their comments when they come to WordPress wind up in spam. (I’ve also heard complaints that the comment just disappears) I have to check the spam folder and move comments out almost every day. Even people who have commented more than once and whose comments I’ve accepted keep getting stuck in spam. I realize the various blog hosts are in competition, but really couldn’t they manage to cooperate enough to help those of us who are connecting across the hosting lines to comment on one another’s blogs?

    The blog I need help with is


    Half-ditto. Three recent events where a blogspot visitor left a comment, but it got tagged as spam. Nothing notable about their comment, plain vanilla stuff with only one link within the post back to a specific posting on their own blog?

    Suggestions for where next to research for why it was so tagged?



    You educate the Akismet spam filter. When you approve false positive comments found in the spam folder Akismet learns.



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