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    I am working on a blog for a friend, the URL is I posted some questions the other night about increasing the font size, and in the course of the discussion, devblog gave me the suggestion that instead of going in and setting the width to a fixed width, that I could “set it to 100%”. My question is, where would that go?

    My friend has purchased the CSS upgrade, so I have the CSS editor open. I’m not doing a fresh stylesheet, I’m just adding to the existing one. Could someone please assist me with the code I need for setting the width to 100%? If I haven’t given enough information, please let me know. Thank you!




    Just in case you aren’t aware of this – there is no staff support for css customization. It’s not a recommended upgrade for those who lack experience with css editing. It’s aimed at the self sufficient. From time to time those with css experience may check in to the forum and may help but in between you will have to wait and consult css resources.


    Hmmm. Okay, thanks.

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