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    I have some blog entries on the 2010 theme with pictures-I intentionally made a thumbnail and left justified as a teaser on the front Home Page. I also have a text summary with the “continue reading ” button present. My intent is to show them a larger picture (eg 640) AND all the text but I can only either:
    1)see a larger picture by clicking on the image with no text
    2)see all the text by clicking on “continue reading” but still see the thumbnail. I bet the answer lies in some configuration of the image url but have been driven mad by failure. Any helpful hints out there?
    Thank You!

    The blog I need help with is


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    There isn’t a good way to do that in your theme.

    You might experiment with linking your thumbnail to an attachment page. Then edit your image in the media library by pasting all the html code from your post into the “description” line. (including the larger version of your image instead of the thumbnail)
    This probably won’t be a very satisfactory method for several reasons.
    Please read this post about attachment pages:

    If you wanted to change themes, then you could make good use of the excerpt function. Unfortunately not many themes use this feature on home pages:



    That is what I was trying to understand-thank you for your reply!
    Since I liked my theme and it DOESN’T use excepts, I ended up using a 640 image on the front page, adding a line or two under the image, then adding a “continue reading” button which redirects to all of the text and 640 images. Not exactly what I wanted but I think works well.

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