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Make Links in Widgets open in New Window?

  1. I like the Twitter and RSS Feed widgets in the sidebar, but I don't like how clicking on the links opens the pages in the same window as my site. Is there a way to get these widgets to either eliminate the links, or have them open in a new window?

    (There is no ability to add a target="_blank" to the widgets.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, that is not an option. It would be nice if they added that though.

  3. @scottjsmith

    Right-click, choose Open in new window or, perhaps better, to keep down clutter, Open in new tab.

  4. @Ron
    He's asking about the Twitter and RSS feed widgets so this is a "no can do".

  5. Thanks, all.

    Yes, I know how I personally can open links in a new window, but the Prime Directive of web design is to keep visitors on your site as long as possible. Allowing visitors to leave the website just because they click on an RSS link is bad. Yes, they can click on the "Back" button, too, but this is a risky endeavor...HOPING they will do that.

    Well, maybe, eventually, the option to open external links in new tabs or windows will be an option.

    Does WP have a formal feature suggestion process?

  6. Just contacting staff. As discussed in the other thread, can be set that way.

  7. try this plugin
    its great I used it on my site
    [URL removed by moderator]

  8. @radwanm, plugins cannot be used at wordpress.COM. They are only for self-hosted blogs. If you do not know the difference, see this support document: .

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